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“I have used WMSE Elite Concierge Services and worked directly with Lisa Wells for a number of years. Initially, Lisa helped me with gift shopping, but I have come to depend on her for so much more! Whether I have needed office organization, pre-tax preparation or feeding my beloved cat while I am out of town, I know I can count on Lisa and WMSE to be a reliable resource to make things happen!“

Jane Brewer Owner,
Jane Brewer Insurance Services

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"I had the opportunity to work with Lisa when I needed help organizing a seminar. She truly did all the things I didn't have time to do. She printed envelopes, stuffed mailers, found a location, and a caterer. I even had her collect the RSVPs. I had put the event off for so long because I didn't have the time, but in the end all I had to do was practice and present. I'll call her again for the next seminar, and I would recommend anyone who keeps putting off a project to do give her a call."

Mark A. Halby
Financial Adviser
New England Financial

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"Lisa has me hooked on the the gift incentive program. I give these to all my clients. They are a great sucess! She has helped me to increase my consulting business. Her knowledge and insight into the business world has been a great asset in my learning experience."

Cheryl Brennan

San Diego County Council On Aging

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